Lacrosse 101

Gameplay Basics
-10 players on the field per team; 1 goalie, 3 defensemen, 3 midfielders, and 3 attackmen.
-Four 15 minute quarters with a ten minute halftime. Each team is given a two-minute break between the first and second quarters, and the third and fourth quarters. 
-In the event of a tie, the teams play sudden death overtime.
-The field is 110 yards long by 60 yards wide.

-Attack: The attackman is responsible for scoring goals and setting teammates up to score. The attackman generally stays within the offensive side of the field. Usually there are three attackmen on the field.
-Midfield: The midfielder is responsibility for covering the whole field, playing both offense and defense. He is a vital part of the transition game, and is frequently clearing the ball from the defense zone to offense. There are three midfielders on the field for each team.
-Defense: The defenseman is responsible for defending the goal area. The defenseman usually does not advance out of the defensive end of the field. There are normally three defensemen per team.
-Goal: The goalie's responsibility is to not allow goals protect the goal and stop the opposing team from scoring. Each team has one goalie in the goal during play.

-Personal foul penalties: slashing, tripping, blows to the head, late hit, unnecessary roughness, illegal stick; always time-serving (1:00-3:00).
-Technical foul penalties are off-sides, crease violation, illegal procedure, pushing. All are change of possession fouls unless the team that is fouled has possession.
-If the team that commits the foul has possession have to serve a 30 second penalty.

Areas of the Field
-“X”- Refers to the faceoff area.
-“The Box”- Represents to different two places on the lacrosse field – the first is the area is the restraining box. Offensive and defensive players must stay in the box for a face-off until one of the midfielders in the face-off gains possession. During the last two minutes of a game, the winning team (or both if tied) must keep the ball inside of their offensive box once it enters that area, or it is a turnover.
-The second “box” is the substitution area. Teams can substitute players through the box while the ball is in play.
-“The Crease” - Is the nine foot radius around the goal, but also refers to the area directly in front of the goal.
-“The Hole” - A defensive term for the zone in front of the goal (crease area).
-“Down the Side” - Refers to a play in the transition game where the team going from defense to offense pushes the ball “down the side” to an attackman on the wing, who then distributes it to a second attackman at “X”.

Lax Terms
Attack or Attackmen -
The three offensive players who operate near the goal in their offensive zone.
Middie or Midfielders - The three players who operate mainly in the center of the field, playing both offense and defense.
Defense, Close Defense or Defensemen - The three players who work together with the goalie to prevent goals from being scored.
Long Pole - Refers to a midfielder who plays with a defensive long stick. Each team is only allowed four players on the field to use long sticks at the same time.
Face-Off Specialist - Usually a midfielder who specializes in face-offs.
Chasing the Shot – The closest player to the ball after the shot out of bounds, their team is awarded the ball. After a shot, the closest player (team) to the ball is awarded possession.
Check-Up – A defensive term which means for all of the players on defense to find a player to defend (man to man).
Clearing - the running or passing of the ball from the defensive half of the field to the offensive.
Cradling – Rocking of the arms and wrists back and forth that enables a player to keep the ball secure in his stick and ready to be passed or shot.
Extra-Man or Man Up – At least a one-man offensive advantage that happens after a time-serving penalty.
Fast Break – A scoring opportunity in transition in which the offense has at least a one-man advantage.
Feeding – Passing to a teammate who is in a position to shoot.
Goal Line Extended or "GLE" - The imaginary line that’s extends from the goal line to the sideline.
Ground Ball - A loose ball anywhere on the playing field.
Man-Down - the defensive situation that arises from a time-serving penalty against a team in which their defense is in at least a one-man disadvantage.
Riding - The act of attempting to prevent a team from clearing the ball.
Slide - A move by a defender to give support to a teammate who has been beaten by his man.
Slow Break - refers to an unsettled offensive situation in which the offense has at least a one-man advantage, but the advantage is not as obvious as a “fast break.” In a slow break situation, the offense tries to get the ball to a player at “X” and find the open man.