Sports Information

Contact Information

Sports Information Director: Geoff Henson
Phone: (269) 749-7602
Fax: (269) 749-7229

Student Assistant Staff
Mark Dowell, Maya Prewitt, Jada Schallhorn

The Olivet College Sports Information Office is here to serve you. Contact the office for space in the press box or media areas, as well as press releases, statistics, photos and other information on the Comets.

All interview and photo requests must be coordinated through the Sports Information Office. Access to practice must be set up in advance and post game interviews with players and coaches will be granted after a 10-minute cool-down period. Opposing team interviews will be granted with that coach’s approval. Phone lines are radio broadcasts are available at football and basketball games only. If you need a phone line, please contact the Sports Information Office in advance.

SID Downloads

Official Olivet College Athletics Logos (new logo as of 2017-18 academic year)
Please e-mail Geoff Henson for the official logo.

Current Olivet College student-athletes are asked to fill out this publicity form. The form allows us to have complete bios for you on the website.

Fall Sports Word roster Last updated Statcrew roster Last updated
Football .DOC 9/11/2018 will be emailed to visiting SIDs
Men's Soccer .DOC 9/11/2018 .SRO 9/11/2018
Women's Soccer .DOC 8/24/2018 .SRO 8/28/2018
Men's Golf .DOC 8/24/2018 n/a  
Women's Golf .DOC 8/24/2018 n/a  
Men's Cross Country .DOC 8/24/2018 n/a  
Women's Cross Country .DOC 8/24/2018 n/a  
Women's Volleyball .DOC 8/24/2018 .VRO 9/17/2018
Men's Tennis .DOC 9/13/2018 .XTR 2/5/2019
Women's Tennis .DOC 8/28/2018 .XTR 2/5/2019


Winter Sports Word roster Last updated Statcrew roster Last updated
Men's Basketball (varsity) .DOC 1/22/2019 .BRO 1/22/2019
Women's Basketball .DOC 1/22/2019 .BRO 1/22/2019
Men's Swimming and Diving .DOC 11/7/2018 n/a  
Women's Swimming and Diving .DOC 1/22/2019 n/a  
Men's Indoor Track & Field .DOC 1/22/2019 n/a  
Women's Indoor Track & Field .DOC 1/22/2019  n/a  
Men's Volleyball .DOC 3/20/2019 .VRO 3/20/2019
Wrestling .DOC 1/22/2019 n/a  


Spring Sports Word roster Last updated Statcrew roster Last updated
Baseball .DOC 1/31/2019 .TRO     |    .TRX 3/28/2019
Softball .DOC 1/22/2019 .TRO     |    .TRX 3/5/2019
Men's Lacrosse        
Women's Lacrosse .DOC 3/5/2019 .CRO 3/5/2019
Men's Outdoor Track and Field .DOC   n/a  
Women's Outdoor Track and Field .DOC   n/a  
Men's Tennis .DOC   .XTR 2/5/2019
Women's Tennis .DOC   .XTR 2/5/2019